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A group of hands from different people creating a colourful artwork.

Emma Ainsley works collaboratively with jazz musician John Phillips. Emma works with sound, video and performance and the AinsleyPhillips collaboration is focused on taking an improvisatory approach to bringing art and music together. Since 2018 we’ve been delivering co-creative projects and sessions alongside people living with dementia. We take an improvisatory ‘jamming’ approach to working alongside people – this creating together in-the-moment approach is empowering to participants with dementia and helps to challenge power imbalances within the group (which generally also includes formal or informal carers). We both have over twenty years experience working in front line care roles which gives us an embedded perspective on working creatively within care spaces.

Our current focus is on working with a tool we’ve created using Isadora software to facilitate audio-visual jamming during sessions. We have an upcoming community project in Orkney and a project in a specialist dementia home here in Fife – both working alongside people living with dementia and their carers to co-create work through audio-visual jamming. We’re keen to deliver more projects and are interested in working alongside other groups of people.



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