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anam creative was set up as a community interest company in 2022 with a focus on running process-driven collaborative projects that pay emerging artists (aged 18 – 30) fairly for their time, nurturing their creative and professional development. These projects support a new community of artists from diverse backgrounds and practices to come together and produce innovative new collaborative work. In 2020, we completed our first ‘arts collaboration’ with the support of Creative Scotland Funding for Individuals, which allowed us to come up with the blueprint for our projects. We have since been awarded a larger grant from Creative Scotland’s Open Fund for Organisations to run two projects focused on the Scottish environment in 2023. In addition, Youth Music has funded us to run a ‘music collaboration’ commissioning three musicians and three producers from underrepresented backgrounds to develop a new album of music. These projects cultivate supportive networks and communities of emerging creatives within Glasgow while instilling confidence and nurturing artistic development. anam creative also runs music and arts events across Glasgow. All of our events have sold out. These provide positive and inspiring spaces for creative communities to come together.



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