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ARTernative means finding creative alternatives to problems. Our work combines creativity and mindfulness to help participants explore and open up to the world of possibilities. Because when there is a possibility there is always hope.

We offers workshops, courses and training to individuals, organisations and educational establishments.

ARTernative aims to promote resilience, wellbeing, self-esteem and personal / community development. We guarantee that you will leave our workshops more creative and with a “feeling good” vibe.

All our workshops use a people-centred approach; they are designed according to age, needs and purpose to make sure everything we offer is relevant to you and your groups. The principles of Community Learning and Development (CLD) are at the core of our practice.

The person behind ARTernative is Silvia Vazzana, a creative community development worker with 10 years of experience in working and volunteering in communities. Silvia has lead many CLD projects with a wide range of groups, including people living on the street, young people at risk of offending behaviors, ASN adults, refugees families and carers. You can find out more information on the website.

Silvia has a BA degree in Visual Communication / Graphic Design (Clyde College / GCU) , Postgraduate Degree in Community Learning and Development (UofG) and a BA in Art Therapy (Artedo – Italy).

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