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profile image of Belen in a rural landscape setting.

I’m a History of Art and English Literature undergraduate student at the University of Glasgow. My aim is to become part of a greater network of people and organisations related to the art world and the creative industry more in general. I would like to pursue a career in the arts field and museum management.

I have volunteered for a variety of cultural events such as Mod Ghlaschu, Femspectives, Night at the Museum (at the Hunterian) and Sound Thought (at the Centre for Contemporary Arts). I currently occupy the position of secretary of the Glasgow University Art Appreciation Society (GUAAS). I took part in the organisation of a student-run exhibition called “Visual Sound” with the aim of exploring the connection between visual art and music while also giving the possibility to student artists to showcase their artworks. I volunteer as Muse (Museum Student Educator) at the Hunterian Art Gallery offering free tours to the visitors on the Scottish Colourists. I co-founded Art Gate blog where we publish articles related to the art world with the goal of making art accessible to everyone.



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