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My CIC is to facilitate theraputic sculpture workshops for women who have experienced trauma, and violence within the community of Glasgow.
My responsibilities include guiding and supporting women to develop their ideas and practical skills, whilst relating the process of creative making to the process of attaining life building skills.
Within the creative process, the women will develop, create, make informed decisions, think objectively, solve problems, self reflect, build healthy relationships and empathise with others.
Recognising the relationship between ingenuity and the cultivation of personal life skills.
My intention is to promote feelings of empowerment, as power is identified with recognising free decision making and true inner choice.
Subsequently my hope Is to encourage feelings of self worth, confidence and assist in building self awareness.
Therfore develop individually and collectively, changing fear and anxiety into creativity and inspiration.
Concluding the women will no longer allow fear and anger to control them. This is a powerful feeling of equality and personal freedom.


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