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a side on image of duncan from brickbats with pixelated effect

Brickbats is a purveyor of organic, artisanal laptop music. He’s been described as creating the kind of sound Jeremy and Super Hans from Peep Show would make if they actually knew what they were doing.

He served his musical apprenticeship playing bass in various Glasgow rock bands, some decent, others frankly dreadful. On the side, not having the confidence to present his own material to the leaders of those bands, he composed simulated progressive rock tunes on his computer. Since his software was capable of rendering nothing more modern-sounding than 90s video game music, and fans of prog rock expect it to be played live by an actual band, he knew there was no commercial potential in that avenue.

What luck, then, that he realised there was more potential in dance music, which can be composed and produced with low-end equipment to a reasonably professional standard. He studied the classics of the genre and began to produce his own music under the moniker of Brickbats.

Not content to mine the seam of a single subgenre, his output incorporates techno, electro, ambient, funk and his beloved rock. He generally takes a maximalist approach to composition and production, preferring not to settle for one melody when five simultaneous, interweaving ones could be written instead. His favourite key is D minor.



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