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I am a freelancer writer, podcaster, narrator, producer, and editor from the Scottish Borders, now living in Glasgow.

For the past decade I’ve spent most of my time working in bookselling and publishing, but have recently taken the plunge into freelancing (and couldn’t be happier about it!)

I host the storytelling podcast Stories from the Hearth – each episode featuring a brand new, original and fully immersive story, from sci-fi and fantasy, to historical, supernatural, and dramatic, often from a queer perspective.

I offer freelance writing and editing (anything from fiction to academic articles and blog posts), and my services as narrator and producer for audiobooks and various other voice acting projects. I am open to all forms of commission.

I am passionate about my art, queer culture, the DIY elements of punk, nature, and the environment. You’ll often find me with a good book in my hands and a cat in my lap, or out on the town with friends.



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