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image of Catalina with a big organic looking sculpture placed over her head.

I am a Mexican artist, writer and arts programmer based in Glasgow. I construct narratives and curate exhibitions. I host intimate events, perform and direct. I work with other female practitioners. Artworks are produced between tongues. Making is carried across bodies and territories, embodying processes of physical and linguistic translation. My practice is slit by a Sur/North–Español/English divide. I am caught between two states. Transitory vs essential states of being. Estar y ser.

My writing has been published by Montez Press, PSS, potentA Editores, MAP, MaMSIE and Panel. Recent projects include: R-22 an audio narrative in collaboration with Feronia Wennborg for Wysing Broadcasts (2020, Cambridge); Ñ₆₁₃ a poetic prose commissioned by LifeSpace and the Wellcome Centre for Anti-infective Diseases (2020, Dundee); Penetrate: Translate, a reading project on female body politics caught in translation programmed in association with MAP (2019, Glasgow).



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