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Catherine is a set and costume designer working based near Glasgow and working throughout the UK in theatre, film and television. She is interested in a broad range of arts and genres – new writing, dance, opera and particularly site specific performance and non-tradional venues.

Theatre design work includes: “549: Scots of the Spanish Civil War” (Wonder Fools/Citizens Theatre/Brunton Theatre), “The Coolidge Effect” (Wonder Fools), “Beauty & the Beast” (Aberdeen Arts Centre) “Part of the Picture” (Bletherbox Theatre/Edinburgh Fringe), “Assessment” (Shows on a Shoestring/Edinburgh Fringe), “La Boheme” (Clyde Opera Group), “Prima la musica e poi la parole”, “Let the Bitch Burn”, “Earthquakes in London” (RCS), “Tales from the Mall” (RCS/National Theatre of Scotland Learn Dept). She was the production designer for the feature film “Ribbons” (Mechabradypus/Phase VI/Tartan Features/xFilm).

She trained at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and completed work experience with National Theatre of Scotland, Royal Shakespeare Company, British Youth Opera, 2014 Commonwealth.

In addition, Catherine also works as design assistant for theatre and costume assistant for theatre, film and tv in addition, including TV series Outlander, The A List, Trust Me 2, !mpossible and the films of artist Rachel McLean.

Catherine previously designed The Coolidge Effect for Wonder Fools.
Other design work includes: Beauty & the Beast (Aberdeen Arts Centre) Part of the Picture (Bletherbox Theatre),
Assessment (Shows on a Shoestring), La Boheme (Clyde Opera Group), Prima la musica e poi la parole, Let the Bitch
Burn, Earthquakes in London (RCS), Tales from the Mall (RCS/National Theatre of Scotland Learn Dept).



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