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The Citizens Theatre is an iconic venue and theatre company based in the Gorbals area of Glasgow. We create ground-breaking theatre productions and empowering participatory projects.

In 2024, we will welcome audiences new and old to our Gorbals home after a major redevelopment of our building.

We make bold productions of new plays and reinvent classics that speak to contemporary Scotland. We are passionate about engaging people and communities across Glasgow and beyond.

Our Artistic Director, Dominic Hill, is regarded as one of the best classical drama directors in the UK. He has received many awards for his fearless productions delivered with inventiveness and a vivid style.

The Citz has a rich history. Our building first opened as a theatre in 1878. The Citizens Theatre company, founded in 1943 by James Bridie, was permanently established in 1945. We are one of Scotland’s flagship producing theatres rooted in our local Gorbals community, with an international outlook.

We make our own sets, costumes, and props in-house. We bring together the creative teams who, with our staff, deliver inspiring experiences.

Participation at the Citizens Theatre

Our participation and community engagement programme is at the heart of the company’s work. For over two decades, a pioneering range of projects has connected people with the theatre and each other. It provides the opportunity to develop life skills, increase wellbeing and make positive change. Reflecting our roots, the programme connects with groups and individuals within the Gorbals and wider Glasgow Southside community.



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