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Profile image of Sally Hendry, Company DNA Director, crouching in front of a shipping container with people in costume behind her.

Company DNA is a company focused on using interdisciplinary arts for positive change and empowerment. Our practice is about empowerment through movement and collaboration of art forms. Using movement as a way of finding joy and creating that fizzy energy in the space.

Working interdisciplinary and collaboratively to create projects and works that empower, spread joy and help us work across art forms. I (Sally Hendry) am a new returner to the Glasgow area and I am looking to connect with other artists from a variety of backgrounds for future projects and collaborations. Please do get in touch if you have any ideas or are interested in working cross art form – Would be so lovely to hear from you!

I am involved in Carnival Arts, dance, movement, theatre work, facilitation, music and my interest lies in the fusion of styles, art forms and musicalities.


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