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As a visual artist, my work strongly references the natural world with a preference for using everyday, unprocessed materials. My practice is conceived as an on-going observation of nature from different perspective. Some of my projects recognize changes in the surrounding environment, paying special attention to variations in the quality of light, while others observe the evolution and destruction of landscape.

I have a long journey of experiences connected to teaching and tutoring that began while working as a secondary school teacher in Spain. This helped me to gain knowledge on Art Pedagogy, methodologies and educational resources. After five years, I redirected my career away from formal education to an approach less based on ‘results’ and more focused on working creatively with individuals. Based in Scotland since 2012, as an art tutor I have acquired wide experience working with groups of children, adults and people with learning disabilities in a variety of settings including: arts centres, after-school clubs, care homes and community groups. All these experiences taught me how fruitful it is to bring Art to many strata of society. When I run a workshop, it is always very important to adapt methodologies to the capabilities of each individual within the group and follow a person-centred process. My approach to group work is based on creating a non-hierarchical connection, facilitating engagement and enjoyment of the experience as a whole. This is the heart of my process, I love to connect with people and help them to appreciate their artistic side.

Last year, my learning path brought me to complete the MRes in Creative Practice at GSofA. The natural world remained my principal inspiration and the course led me to relate it with my practice as an art tutor. I worked with botanical non-hierarchical patterns to establish analogy with collaborative practice, and use this connection to design an activity including walking, observing nature, and a collaborative workshop, using screen-printing. ‘Walking Growth’ is an active experience and part of on-going research exploring collaboration. The aim of the walk and workshop is to reflect on the idea of growth, inherent in nature. Through this project, and the research of which it is a part, I aim to blend the roles of artist/researcher/tutor while listening to the openness and wellbeing that collaborative work attracts.




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