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Dana is an architectural designer based in Glasgow. She is interested in transforming underused buildings and spaces and actively works to support community engagement in placemaking.

She is a co-founder of G42 Pop-Ups project aiming to support local communities in reimagining their streets to make them feel safer, comfortable; bringing joy and strong social connections. The project addresses problems highlighted by the pandemic such as a lack of trust between different social and cultural communities, increased feeling of social isolation and a lack of accessible outdoor sheltered spaces for socializing in the neighbourhood. It aims to create pop-up events around the neighbourhood of Govanhill that would:
– Support trust and cooperation between different social and cultural groups of Govanhill
– Increase appreciation and duty of care for the places in which we live
– Increase and support local and circular economy
– Support underrepresented groups by giving them visibility and agency

In 2019, Dana co-organised two events for Architecture Fringe 2019 festival entitled ‘Where Is Glasgow Going?’ and ‘Tenements And What To Do With Them’. Over two days, she facilitated open discussions with Glasgow citizens and invited speakers – experts in citymaking practices such as John Gilbert (John Gilbert Architects) and Euan Leitch (BEFS) exploring possibilities of Glasgow’s urban renewal and how to better care for the city’s built environment. Artist Mitch Miller documented the conversations in the form of a dialectogram.

Please get in contact if you would like to know any more about Dana and her art practice, or if you are interested in any workshops or collaborative work.


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