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Dorka is a Hungarian artist based in Scotland, playing in the overlapping spaces of design, art, and community. She completed her Bachelor’s in Communication Design at the Glasgow School of Art. Dorka has worked on developing and facilitating several creative engagement workshops and exhibitions, working closely with art institutions and community centres in Glasgow, such as GoMA, the Burrell Collection, and the Garnethill Multicultural Centre. Besides her social focus, she takes on design works, responding to meaningful initiatives with visual problem-solving. Her practice encompasses curation, archiving, movement, participatory art, education and alternative pedagogy. She approaches all her work as an exercise in storytelling, researching things beyond their physical or temporal bounds. Collaboration and collective making enrich the self and are centred in her work. Play is the heart of Dorka’s practice – an endeavour toward seeing with a child’s eye, tracing lines and living inside them.



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