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a selection of megan's work on a wall including various sized postcards in bright colours featuring women of colour.

My name is Megan Drysdale, an illustrator from Amsterdam living in Glasgow. Drysdale The Label is my little brain child, born when I needed a place where my personal experience and creative talent could collide. I would describe my style as minimal, fun and bold.

With my work I try to encourage people to love the shit out of themselves, in any and every stage of their life. Embrace the glorious mess that you are! You’re not alone. I also want other people to understand they don’t need to rely on external validation to feel whole. Everything you need is already inside of you.

With Drysdale The Label I want to share that powerful feeling of wholeness and being comfortable with yourself. Validating my own emotions, mental health struggles and my identity through my work reconnected me to parts of myself I had been squashing for years.

I want to break the stigma’s that still cling around mental health and normalise talking about mental health issues so we can all take better care of ourselves and others.

So in short: Drysdale The Label is here to make your interior prettier and your mind happier.



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