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profile picture of ed side on against a pink background painting a black and white image of a musician on a canvas.

Since the mid 70’s I have been involved with art in one way or another. After graduating as a Graphic Designer, I went straight to work in a printers for a few years. Disillusioned and feeling too young to be trapped in the 9 to 5 scenario I decided to pack up my guitar and do a bit of travelling and spent the next two years picking grapes and busking all over France. On returning to Glasgow in the early 80’s I worked for Glasow Parks Dept as an environmental artist and began forming bands and gigging the then vibrant Glasgow music scene. It wasn’t long before my itchy feet got the better of me and I hit the road again travelling to Norway and ending up in Iceland. My art background has always helped me find work and again I was a graphic designer/sign-writer in Reykjavik. Having to complete the circle I returned to Glasgow, this time with a young family on tow. Over the next few years I settled in Glasgow doing various
Art related jobs including graphic design, magazine design and community artist. Nowadays working as a Freelance Artist and Artist in residence at Lambhill Stables.


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