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I am a multidisciplinary artist passionate about teaching and healthcare routines.

I am both French and Finnish and have lived in Scotland since 2015. I have recently gained my Master in Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art.

My tutoring expertise goes from creation of comics, experimental video, photography, performance arts as well as an understating of contemporary arts and working towards being a self-made musician.

I priorities routines for my wellbeing and have often taught tricks in order to provide key elements of habits to the people participating to my workshops.

I can create workshops as well as skill development courses in all my areas of expertise.

I believe that being a foreigner has made me easily connect with people in need of more attention, as I have been myself in difficult situations in the past due to my language skills as an exchange student in Australia when I was 15.

I am confident in my tutoring and language skills as I believe that communication also pass through different mediums and my goal is to try to found each persons medium of comfort and find new ones.

I have over 4 years of tutoring experience. I have taught from 7 to 70 years olds and would love to extent my age range to cover any age.



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