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emma breakdancing.

“One of the best bgirls on the planet. If you don’t know, get to know!”
Bgirl, choreographer, creative educator.

During her 23 years of breaking (breakdance), Emma Ready has established an international reputation as an inspirational, empathetic motivator who is approachable and accessible. Her students describe her as a “treasure trove of information” who has a clear, helpful and insightful approach to sharing knowledge. Emma’s leadership style has been described as inspirational and elevating, and when answering queries she has been called “a Rock Star for giving the type of quality answers that belong in a book!”. Emma Ready is renowned for her creativity and has been dubbed “10,000 Moves Master”. Her recent choreographic work that looks at the issue of coercive control has been described as “utterly awfully wonderful” and “hauntingly beautiful”.

Emma Ready teaches weekly breaking classes on Zoom and also offers private lessons from beginner to advanced levels.

Emma Ready, quietly causing riots.



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