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Francesca is an Italian curator and researcher based in Glasgow. After ten years in Paris working with public and private collections, her move to Scotland in 2014 coincided with the beginning of her independent practice.
Her work explores the potentialities of artistic and curatorial research in passing on cultural memory and producing fresh knowledge through the creation of alternative narrations. Her practice takes a context-specific approach that develops through long-term conversations with artists, students, and communities and results in the commissions of artistic projects.
Reflecting about the responsibility of the curator of creating connections between art and audiences, besides organising exhibitions she explores new ways of dissemination, online, on paper or through discursive events.
Since being awarded a curatorial research grant from the Centre national des arts plastiques, Francesca has focused her research on original and innovative ways of re- thinking the value of reproduction of artworks in art and heritage. Her last book ‘Flâneurs. Copies, appropriations, citations from the Centre national des arts plastiques’ summarises the research carried out in the French collection. She is also a PhD candidate at the Glasgow School of Art/University of Glasgow, where she will work at reimagining creative futures for the school’s plaster cast collections.



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