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I am a self taught fibre Artist living and working in the North East of Scotland.Through weaving, tufting, macrame and other crafts, I create work inspired by the natural world, my sense of self as well as the healing I have found working in and with these spaces and ideas. I work with natural yarns to create textured, non-linear pieces. I sell woven and textile art and accessories under the name Quarry Wood.

I began weaving completely DIY in the winter of 2017. I focus on the process as opposed to the finished product, and use weaving as a tool to work towards wellbeing.

As my practice develops, I am moving towards participatory projects, and am looking to focus more of my work on community work and opportunities.

I work out of my studio based at Northern Arts Club, and am a member of Scottish Artists Union.

Although based in Aberdeen, I am keen to move my practice across Scotland. I lived in Glasgow for a while after studying, and have always felt at home there and would love to start the shift into moving my practice there.



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