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Ha Orchestra is a successful experiment in which Dr Gameli Tordzro has used what he calls ‘the treasured opportunity’ for African musicians and their musical instruments from the various musical cultures arriving in unique close proximities to each other in Europe. Dr Tordzro has created a safe and nurturing environment for a gathering of musicians, their instruments and his compositions to harness the various sounds and tunings in a way that captures an enrichment created of new symphonies and interaction of people and of sounds, orchestrated out of their experiences that originate from the various cultural heritages influencing each other as they interact.

The orchestra is a growing project turning five years in June 2019. In 2013, leading up the the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and Cultural Festival named Festival 2014, Pan African Arts Scotland was supported by Creative Scotland and The Glasgow City Council – Glasgow 2014 Fund and University of Glasgow’s GRAMNet to set up Ha Orchestra. During Festival 2014, Ha Orchestra featured on all the big stage events across Glasgow including the Kelvingrove Band Stand, BBC at the Quay, Glasgow Green, The Merchant’s Square, and at the Queen’s Baton Relay Finishing Line at Queen’s Park in Glasgow Scotland.

We have made strides in spite of the usual challenges and at five years old, we celebrate many achievements and share our celebration with people across the world. Ha Orchestra exists to continue enriching the hearts of everyone who hears, follows us and supports our music across the world in live shows or here online at and out social network platforms. We welcome invitations to festivals, conferences live and recorded broadcasts, and to any other event that celebrates and enriches people globally. We are keen to visit Asia, all the subregions of Africa, the Middle East, Far East, Australia and New Zealand. We are also keen to visit the Americas especially the Caribbean and Brazil to share, collaborate and learn.

Coinciding with our 5th Anniversary celebrations, we were commissioned to play three concerts at the 8th European Conference on African Studies at the University of Edinburgh in the St. Cecilia’s Hall and Museum of Musical instruments 12th, 13th and 14th June 2019



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