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Halima Russell uses a pseudonym that honours her matriarchal lineage and celebrates the beauty found in that matriarchal bond.

Halima’s mission is to eradicate the notion that whiteness is the superior standard of beauty. Her work draws on her personal lived experience. Exploring the marginalised space between not being white or brown enough; examining themes of identity and belonging.

Halima’s current work hints at the subtitles of everyday racism and addresses issues such as hyper sexualisation and fetishisation, the effects of which still reverberate within society today. Her goal is to embrace her multicultural identity whilst also challenging the viewer, to reflect, reassess and rethink their preconceived notions of race.

Halima’s previous work also dealt with social concepts such as class and gender, creating pieces that were thought provoking and bringing a social commentary aspect to her work.

Halima is an emerging conceptual Multi-disciplinary Artist, Poet and a Central Saint Martins graduate.


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