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Hannah Ayre looking through lare sculpture installation in pink, yellow and white woven material.

I’m a participatory artist with over twenty years experience of designing and delivering socially engaged projects and events. When I’m not wearing my artist hat, I can be found working in festival production.

I work for numerous arts and heritage clients throughout the UK and occasionally internationally. Throughout my career I’ve developed projects for a huge range of formal and informal learning groups of all ages.

My artwork ranges from small-scale crafts to large-scale outdoor sculpture and installations. My degree was in ceramics, so clay is my first love, specialising in kiln building and innovative, outdoor firings. Process and experimentation feature regularly in my work. In recent years, I’ve been working with light and experimenting with alternative photographic processes.

I’m currently creating online projects and designing learning resources such as activity sheets and video tutorials. I’ve been delivering Zoom workshops with an emphasis on wellbeing.

Recent Clients:


Cove Park

Fruitmarket Gallery

Collective Gallery

National Museums of Scotland

Historic Environment Scotland

Spectra Festival of Light

Orkney & Abu Dhabi International Science Festivals



Social media:

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