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Hannah Lyth with her back to the camera working on a figurative painting.

I am a multimedia artist and printmaker based in Glasgow. Since graduating from Glasgow School of Art in Fine Art Painting and Printmaking in 2016, I have been continuing my creative practise focusing on figurative and anatomical art in watercolour painting, life drawing, gold leaf and printmaking. Last year I attended the Figure Course at Leith School of Art to further specialise into figurative art which inspired me to complete my first Solo Exhibition ‘Apple of My Eye’ at the Glasgow Art Club in June 2019.
My practise explores a variety of themes that are often derived from personal experience and feminist standpoints on how women are portrayed in the world whether through the media and popular culture, classical paintings, religious iconography, and well known idioms which reinforce traditional cultural ideas of female identity.
From a young age, my work has been inspired by artists such as Frida Kahlo, Louise Bourgeois, Sarah Lucas and Joan Eardley, whose style influenced me to take a cathartic approach whilst also working on universal themes of identity, childhood and the body. Through my latest Solo Exhibition ‘Apple of My Eye’, I sought to create a series of symbolic narrative works that covered these themes whilst working from a diverse range of models to reinvent depictions of the female form void from the male gaze and society’s expectations of women.
Currently, my practise still focuses on these themes whilst trying to further develop my use of composition whilst working from multiple models on group poses. I have also facilitated a number of educational arts workshops within the community.



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