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HER-larious run regular, drop-in improv workshops for women and non-binary performers of all experience levels in Glasgow, and online. Our focus is on basic improv skills to develop confidence, improve performance and have fun!

HER-larious consists of Judy Alfereti and Anna Garoucheva Gonzalez. Judy and Anna met at an improv class and performed with the Improv Ninjas at both the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Glasgow International Comedy Festival, as well as regular shows across the city. HER-larious was launched in 2019 in order to provide a safe space for those who, for whatever reason, feel they would benefit from an all-women/ non-binary persons workshop to have fun, learn and network!

Judy is a writer/performer who has previously taught improv and acting for camera with the UK Screen Acting Academy, and has recently graduated with a Masters in Television Fiction Writing. Judy is currently a member of Trojan Hearse, Fiji and a Weegie, and The Bitchdel Test, and can be found guest spotting in shows in Glasgow and Edinburgh.


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