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My dance has been (and still is) influenced by different styles. I have a background in classical ballet, contemporary dance and Egyptian dance, and I am currently learning Flamenco. Because there are just too many dance styles and movement practices I like, I cannot decide on just one, and so I bring them in various ways into my dance and my teaching sometimes separately, sometimes together. I have also practiced contact-improvisation for many years because it fascinates me the unlimited ways in which bodies can move and interact.

I enjoy movement in its different forms and contexts and I like to be creative, I think because of this I am (or try be) a versatile dancer. I get inspired by music, colours, space, people and rhythm. I have a special interest in rhythm and Arabic music and how rhythmical patterns can give a specific quality and feeling to movement.

My studies in contemporary dance and Egyptian Dance started in Granada (Spain) while taking my studies in Environmental Sciences. I have been based in Edinburgh since 2009 and have worked with several local artists in different dance projects throughout Scotland. I have created solo work as well as collaborated in other dance projects, such as La Nua, undo dance theatre and Dance Ihayami.

Additionally to this, I have a masters in Biotechnology for sustainability, I am a shiatsu student practitioner (will be completing my diploma next year) and a yoga teacher.



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