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I’m an artist from Glasgow specialising in Painting, Printmaking and Collage and Poetry. I am also a Freelance Creative Workshop Facilitator / Marketer and Creative Producer.

I believe in helping to drive socially engaged Participatory Arts activities vast experience working with community groups in Glasgow. Past collaborations and clients include The Bold Collective, The Fostering Network Young Advocates, Queen’s Cross Housing Association, Mackintosh At The Willow and Project Ability.

My visual art practice primarily revolves around the cultural construction of the female body and identity in a capitalist, patriarchal society. By creating bold, multi – layered works I question the kinds of imagery seen in advertising, whilst favouring the body’s sensual and biological elements. I also explore nature and environment, sexuality, feminism, emotional expression and impulsive painting, through a combination of collage, poetry and abstract painting.

I am the Membership and Marketing Coordinator for Glasgow CAN and can offer my skills in Marketing & Comms / Social Media / Creative Production to other organisations on a freelance basis. I can create visually appealing marketing materials, manage social media campaigns, increase engagement and organisational awareness, produce, monitor and evaluate creative projects and events.




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