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Hi I am James I am a “tradigital” artist. Meaning I mix traditional techniques drawing and sculpture work with digital tools such as 3D printing, lasercutting and interactive 3D computer graphics in my practice. I also tutor people to help them achieve their creative ideas and projects using some or all of the tools and techniques I know.

I graduated back in 1999 in Edinburgh College Of Art. Worked with a lot of 3D graphics type clients. Then became interested in FabLabs. I did art residencies in some of them, Montreal, NW Iceland and also in London.
I love all things futuristic 🙂
I love encouraging and showing others how they can make things beyond their dreams often on a shoestring budget and get it seen on a global stage. For example, a few months ago, I sold a 3D print prop to an upcoming Marvel/Disney film. They found it on google. I had made this 3D print model a few years back just in my flat without any budget 🙂 So If I did that others can too!



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