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example of Jamie's work, a brightly coloured print in green, blue, yellow and pink with various shapes and patterns.

Jamie Dyer’s practice centres around themes of utopianism often showing the relationship and balance that exist between seemingly far apart things. The work asks the audience to engage in conversation and share ideas that highlight the ways we as a society can engage in positive change together.

There is a movement between mediums with the camera as an entry point to generate work that can be realised and finished in conceptual and sculptural outcomes. This helps to formulate a contemporary, socially engaged practice acting as an invitation for the audience to reflect upon the systems of our world and our place within them.

Jamie Dyer graduated from the Contemporary Art Practice course at Gray’s School of Art in 2018 and currently lives and works in Glasgow. Since graduating Jamie has exhibited in solo exhibitions in Edinburgh and London as well as assisting other artists on projects across Scotland.



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