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Black and white profile image of Jaz, a woman in her late 20's / early 30's with blond hair wearing a black t shirt and a hat and glasses.

My name is Jaz. I’m an artist / illustrator / photographer based in Perthshire, Scotland. I’m from The Clarence Valley in NSW, Australia, and love the beach and being outdoors. I have a passion for making art accessible, with and for the local community, and jump at any opportunity to give back.

I run youth based art workshops using both traditional and non traditional mediums, showing young people that through art they have a voice and can be heard.

My work explores themes of cultural identity and is rooted in both the current social and political climates. I look to create accessible art, and work with both mediums and canvas that deliver a message quickly and easily. Whether it be a spray can in the streets or a detailed painterly piece, I look to play with traditional practices and their inferred meanings.



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