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Jemima Hall in a rocky landscpae standing behind a branch covered in seaweed.

Jemima Hall records her time within Scotland’s wild remote landscapes where she explores them from all perspectives. She lies close within its spaces, digs in it, smells it. She works with the landscape and its materials through socially engaging work, film, performance art and sculptural works.
She has been painting specifically with soil for the past two years, and collects different naturally coloured soils from across England and Scotland.

Jemima Hall graduated in 2018 with a BA in Fine Art and History of Art from Oxford Brookes University. Now based in Glasgow she organises her Wildcrafting workshops where she encourages people of all ages to reconnect to their natural surroundings, working with what nature provides, through play, craft and art.

Please get in contact if you would like to know any more about Jemima and her art practice, or if you are interested in any workshops or collaborative work.



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