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I am a Freelance Community Drama and Arts Practitioner based in and around Scotland. My main interest is teaching drama to young people aged 5-25 years old. I have a passion for and diverse experience of working in youth theatres and youth arts. I myself have grown up as a participant in youth theatre from a very young age so know the importance and impact this work can have on young people. I have a broad experience of delivering drama sessions to young people. I have planned and facilitated drama workshops at North Ayrshire Council, Ecole Enterprise, Cumbernauld Youth Theatre, Dramamusa, Scottish Youth Theatre, Beacon Youth Theatre and P.I.E. Arts in Ayrshire.

I have experience of working in voice; movement, improvisation, forum theatre, film making and mask work. I have a broad knowledge and understanding and a working knowledge of contemporary theatre theory and technique.

I am also a trained Art Award Adviser for Discover/ Explore/Bronze/Silver levels. An important part of Community Drama is the ability to make drama accessible to all different types of people and groups. It is about taking drama and using it for a purpose which goes beyond pure entertainment. I enjoy seeing groups that have never done drama before grow in confidence and develop an interest in the field. I have a PVG certificate and I am willing to travel. I have a full driving license and access to my own car.

I have a lot of understanding, experience and transferable skills and consider myself hard working, conscientious, and trustworthy. I am willing to learn and have excellent initiative and leadership skills. I enjoy working collaboratively and creatively with other people. I can lead, support, inspire and provide a positive role model. I can bring a professional, ambitious and enthusiastic approach and feel I would be a valuable addition to you team and project. Please get in touch with any opportunities or if any of this interests you or if you would be interested in collaborating with me in the future.


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