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I am Jordon, managing director of Jwalk Productions – I am passionate about healing the mind through the pursuit of creativity. I have lived experiences of living in circumstance without opportunities, I dropped out of high school which lead me to a young offenders institution in which I realized what is important, I was 17 and knew that I was going to do something good with my life and I was going to get back to Glasgow and chase my dreams of being an Artist. I was no longer going to allow life to just happen and I was going to take charge. I first stopped drinking and ditched what did not help me, even friends. I was lost while trying anything to get me away from the job centre, Amazon, bars and restaurants, nothing made me feel good, earning money made me feel empty inside. I ran to the Army and made an application, a week later I attended a Tuesday night session in the barracks and noticed out of the window that the street was named Shakespeare street, I again ran away. Directly to college to apply to be an Actor, I did not get a place with my Charlie Chaplin speech but was told to reapply after I took an Acting class. My girlfriend got me a interview for television production and there I told the lecturer that I’m going to join the Army and my girlfriend wants me to attend this interview but I’m not too interested, Les gave me a place right away as I later realized that he was Anti Military and more pro liberty. I had a lot to learn about which path is for me, and I am so fortunate that I got interviewed by Les. Two years into my studies I had gained enough confidence and Acting experience to make a new application to study Acting, I gained a place and two years later I have my HND in Acting, now I train at bespoke level with Transitions at RCS who are an amazing team helping me develop and realise my potential and capacity to help others. My mentor at RCS pleads with me to write a story about my life and perform it on stage, if it were to help others then absolutely but I refuse to do it as self indulgence, it would not be worth it to me. I do write my own stories without a qualification in that area, I believe writing is from the heart and I allow myself the freedom to write work that will be converted to Film or Stage. Thank you



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