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I consider myself one lucky woman. I get to meet extraordinary wonderful people involved in amazing life-changing projects and I get paid to do it! Well, it is a job but it’s also more of a calling really. My practice centres on the inclusion of otherwise excluded groups of people in society. My core motivation is that photography at its best can be transformative, allowing those who feel marginalised and vulnerable to gain an invaluable sense of representation and belonging. This may seem idealistic but by working with organisations involved in trying to shift the status quo for the better, I hope to inspire (and be inspired by) further positive change, both on the frontline and at policy-making levels. My optimism is backed up by a constructive and methodical approach, where respect towards those in my work is of equal importance to achieving outcomes and results. The track record below underlines my commitment to working on social issues and the arts in the west of Scotland and beyond. Hopefully, you are thinking we could work together on a similar project so please get in touch.



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