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My artistic practice explores the complex relationship between the historic and the modern, particularly how a place can make you think and feel, and become a space for reflection. In my work I seek to provoke thought and discussion around tradition, sacredness, monuments, people and place, all in relation to both the past and the present. The interconnection of people and place is core to my creative practice; which is illustrated in my artwork ‘The Ancient is the Modern’ were viewers encounter the words, ‘It is not man that graces the place, but the place man’.

I have taken part in initiatives involving the learning, development and engagement of children, young people, adults, vulnerable adults and older people. I understand the importance of creating a welcoming, safe, supportive and positive environment for participants to share their ideas, stories and thoughts. Having worked with vulnerable adults and young people I understand safe guarding practices and the importance of inclusivity and sensitive approaches to engagement. My experience in running community engagement workshops has enhanced my skills and understanding of how to adapt the activity to the support needs of each participant whilst maintaining the interconnection and engagement of the whole group. I am committed to working in and developing a public participatory practice as I have seen the benefit this has made to individuals and communities alike. I am fascinated by how, when we come together, we can rejuvenate our communities’ interest and connection to the spaces around them and instigate the reimagining of our outdoor and public spaces. I see my practice as intrinsically collaborative; nothing is made in isolation. In every project I take advice from, collaborate with and make connections with different people within the community to realise the project.


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