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Lee McGuire standing in his studio looking at camera.

As early as I could remember, I loved to draw! I was the kid always getting in trouble in class for doodling. Naturally I wanted to go on to study this in University.

One night as I was waiting for the last train home, I was assaulted. My skull was broken in three places around my eye and jaw. After multiple surgeries I was left with permanent double-vision to this day. It took me 8 years to pick up a pencil again.

Once I felt mentally and physically ready, I began a few years of practising and honing my art skills before starting my professional art career in 2017, simply by being commissioned for the odd portrait for family and friends.
Business quickly grew as people loved the results and recommended my artwork to their friends. I began advertising online, found lots of interested clients and started shipping my commissions worldwide, to Europe, America, and even Australia!
After a few months of dealing with regular clients, and not having any clue how to run a business, I contacted the Princes Trust charity for business advice. I quit my retail job the very next day and now work full-time as a freelance artist!

Currently my days revolve around commissions, dog walks, art studies and creating original art.



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