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Lewis Sherlock with dramatic lighting in greyscale.

Lewis Sherlock is a Physical Theatre Artist based in Glasgow, he has been working professionally in Scotland through the medium of physical theatre and street performance since studying physical theatre in The Arches. He performs at cabarets and works in inclusive one to one environments both on the street and in theatres. His experimental practice and solo works relate to the comedic aspects of clowning and bouffon as well as butoh dance, complicity, grounding, and choral disciplines. Lewis’s street performance has taken him to Sri Lanka, Prague, Brno and Ireland to date and he is a regular performer with outdoor performance companies Oceanallover and Dudendance. Lewis is also a facilitator in physical performance and teaches at East Renfrewshire Culture and Leisure and as a guest on the Diploma in Physical Theatre Practice and Acting Out Drama School. For more go to

‘Stunning; Ingenious; brilliant.’ Edinburgh Guide for CONFIRM YOUR HUMANITY shown at Manipulate festival 2019

Sherlock’s abstract, lightbulb-carrying clown in a trenchcoat, managing that Pinteresque trick of being absurdly hilarious and menacing at the same time.” The Fountain.

“Half psychological performance, half playful jibing at the ‘seriousness’ of the art world Lewis’ performance was interesting, engaging and unique” – Katie Tysoe, LS Radio Review.



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