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profile image of Marie- Claire Lacey on a polaroid.

My work focuses on facets of human experience, struggle, identity and contradiction.  I am interested in using art to uncover hidden experiences; whether personal unconscious or private worlds, or experiences of people who are silenced in one way or another by society.  I strive to be non-judgemental – open to exploring phenomena I might not understand – recognising the validity of every person’s experience and valuing communication and understanding as tools for breaking down social barriers. 

My practise is primarily participatory, looking at connection – with ourselves, communities, and environment.  I focus on insights gained through physical experience, and on the significance of place.   I’m interested in exploring social structures through our relationships to socially significant spaces, and have produced work in prisons, public parks and squares.

My participatory work is fundamentally collaborative, creating conditions for experiential communication. I’m involved in the performance collective TIGHTS, the experience of which has taught me the value of working with one’s own strengths and those of others.

I previously trained in Social Sciences, and am currently studying Sculpture and Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art.



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