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Doug Wright is an American artist who has recently relocated to Glasgow with his wife. Keen to make his mark on the Glasgow art scene, Doug has created the “Modern Americana” brand, embraced his new home and incorporated elements of American culture into his most recent works.

Although perhaps best known for his performance art, Doug is also a prolific painter. His work is both technically proficient and darkly entertaining. Recent works integrate elements from both the classic American western and low budget horror films; managing to create humorous and frighteningly beautiful mixed medium pieces such as those seen in the “Texas Moonshiners” series. With his “Modern Americana” brand Doug was inspired to capture the evolution of time and nostalgia by creating unique artworks using sarcoptic colour palettes, natural patinas and weathering.

With a 3,000,000 strong fanbase worldwide, his paintings have hung in galleries across the globe. Doug was awarded the key to Miami for a diversity piece and has been featured on Fox News and various other media outlets.

Doug is excited to bring his unique take on Americana to Glasgow’s Southside and hanging alongside other notable Scottish artists.


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