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I have just moved back to Glasgow, from the Highlands in October 2020.

I work full time in the arts, first and foremost as a musician, gigging, recording, and releasing music, as well as operating as a music teacher. My own music almost fits into the singer/songwriter/multi instrumentalist genre, but not exclusively. Totally separate from my own music I also play traditional music (fiddle/mandolin).

I also work as a semi-professional photographer/videographer.

Aside from these projects, I also am the City Leader for Sofar Sounds (in Inverness), where we curate live music events every month, bringing artists from all over to the Highlands for intimate and relaxed gigs.

In 2019 I graduated with a BA Hons in Applied Music at The University of the Highlands and Islands.

Always open to collabs and often looking for projects.



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