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profile image of Nina Goldsmith standing between two of her paintings.

I am an esteemed visual artist with three awards behind me, residing at Southside Studios in Govanhill. My work encompasses a variety of concept such as perception of place, memory, emotion and individual experience, expressing them through different subjects including landscape, interior, portraiture, geometry and the abstract.

Whether it it looking into how the emotional significance of a place impacts an individual’s perception of it, or exploring the transient, fading nature of memory, each subject is explored through the textural and tonal, with thick enamels, intense hues and colours used to intensify the emotional resonance of a painting and to create an impression of an ethereal or stark atmosphere.

To be an artist is to stretch your limits everyday, using the brush as a compass to navigate your understanding of the world around you and how it influences your perception on a daily basis.



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