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I am Iranian Artist based in Glasgow graduated in Textile Design 2003, studied BA (Hons) Sculpture & Environmental art at Glasgow School of Art. I have been working with various communities an organizations focused on women’s and minority groups wellbeing on social art practice since 2012.
As part of my artistic practice, I am working with a wide variety of media both in Gallery spaces and Site- Specific projects. My main concerns pivot around the idea of displacement as a result of social and political changes and their relation to the subject’s body and space. I often uses sculpture and installation that draw inspiration from people’s and my own experiences.
I have developed a series of projects As part of my collaborative work under the joint name ‘Distanced Assemblage’, working with minority groups and cultural organisations. Our goal is to make a positive impact in wellbeing and visibility of people from diverse cultural and social backgrounds by providing opportunities to engage in art making, in order to promote a sense of belonging and positive changes in their lives and environment.



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