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The aim of Particip8 Overton is the advancement of community development by providing an overall action planning framework to take a proactive and consistent stance on community initiatives, and how they should be monitored and evaluated. We will provide a collaborative approach in overseeing the development of the relevant activities by bringing appropriate partners together to promote and improve the Cambuslang East areas including the communities of Cairns, Circuit, Drumsagard, Flemington, Gilbertfield, Greenlees, Halfway, Hallside, Lightburn, Newton, Overton, Scottish Specials and Westburn.

Hosting our annual events such as The Easter & Summer Gala, Fireworks and our Wonderful Wintery (sometimes wet) Christmas Lights Switch On with Santa and elves included! Halfway is an area that you all well know is in very much need of a lot of T.L.C. Our annual events are extremely popular & successful now! We aim to make all of our events and activities free of charge and totally inclusive to all local residents. Our Particip8 volunteers work tirelessly to help our community feel welcome, happy & safe and that they have a sense of belonging at events such as these.

Our local base unit – The Particip8 Community HUB. One of our goals is to use the HUB to provide information and assistance to local people whether it be to get a job, find out about benefits, contact an elected representative, get financial advice, hold local meetings, training space, activities, projects and events and any other service that will benefit the community. We currently have local organisations using the HUB regularly for their meetings, training, i.e. Citizens Advice have a weekly slot. The Halfway Community Council hold their monthly meetings at the HUB. Local Councillors host their monthly surgeries at our HUB. We also hold our own monthly Committee Meetings. We welcome residents from all areas of The Halfway to attend. We hope to start workshops and courses for the residents now Covid restrictions have been lifted and we have access to funding.



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