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I am a writer who has worked freelance for the past 3 years doing work for BBC’s online websites and for independent production companies. My slate includes mostly comedy but I am branching into drama works specifically a TV series set in Glasgow based on my experience of being an outreach youth worker and working with hard to reach young people.

I am part of a sketch troupe specialising in work themed around mental health called Alternative Sanity Bureau. We have videos (see below for link) and done various live shows (1 at the Glasgow Comedy Festival). I have myself recently been diagnosed with a mild bipolar disorder called Cyclothymic disorder so I have a personal interest in trying in the groups goal of attempting to bring some light and humour to mental health topics in order to get people talking. If we lift some of the stigma that’s great if we merely get people talking in a more way about mental health then we will be very pleased.

In terms of participatory projects I am particularly keen to continue working with projects around mental health and happy to get involved in other peoples projects or for others to join our group.

Also as a youth worker I am interested in projects that involve young people from marginalised or hard to reach backgrounds. I have 10 years experience as an outreach and detached youth worker and so can provide training to anyone who needs it for a small cost.


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