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Black and white profile image of Philippa Thomlin, a woman in her late 30's with sunglasses on.

(Phil she/her) is a socially engaged visual artist and theatre director. With participation at the core of her work, she creates hybrid multimedia public art. Her creative practice has punk roots and is positive protest, curious and challenging, it brings people together, shares stories and makes positive change.

An award-winning artist and creative learning specialist with 19 year’s experience in community arts, theatre and creative engagement. Phil is supportive and resourceful in leading large scale and smaller bespoke projects with young people and adults. Considerable experience of working in communities, connecting with local authorities and service providers across Scotland.

All Phil’s artwork is eco conscious, made using reclaimed and recycled materials. She is an exceptional painter, specialising in punk and gothic imagery in acrylic and pen. In her spare time she likes painting trees and dead things and things with wings.


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