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Rachael is a curator and art practitioner from Dublin, Ireland. As an artist, her practice is socially engaged, exploring personal and societal issues on the material phenomenon, sculpture, economy, and globalisation forces. As a curator, Rachael’s research explores the impact of art in communities within the parameters of inclusivity, accessibility, social engagement, heritage preservation, and cultural identity. With over five years experience in public engagement; she has specialised in exhibition and educational programming in art organisations and large institutions. While living in New York she worked as a curator at Toth Gallery, a PR coordinator for the visual arts and design communities, and a member of the American Museum of Natural History Exhibition Production team. Rachael has led art workshops for children and adults with Dublin City Council and is currently working as a workshop facilitator and contributor with art organisation WAVEparticle in Glasgow; primarily working in community engagement for the District Regeneration Framework. She is currently completing a Masters in Curatorial Practice at the Glasgow School of Art.



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