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I am a Glasgow-based visual artist, working primarily in sculpture, but also creating installations, staged photographs, video, embroideries, drawings and curating exhibitions. I have made art in collaboration with children and have provided art classes to kids, including running an after school art club.
Public commissions include co-creating (with artist Kerry Stewart) a memorial in Paisley to the 1929 Glen Cinema disaster – one of Scotland’s worst human disasters, in which 71 children died and from which survivors remain living in Paisley today. We produced the memorial following a period of public engagement discussing the tragedy and ways in which terrible loss might best be remembered. This included conducting sculpture workshops with various community groups of all ages. In 2015-16 I was commissioned by the Glasgow School of Art and Museums Galleries Scotland WW1 Fund to undertake research into GSA’s WW1 archives and create two concurrent exhibitions: one of research materials, such as moving letters from parents who lost their sons; and one of my own artistic response, titled “Nothing Compares to the First Time Getting Shot at.”
My work criss-crosses themes including human cruelty, war, liberation, masculinity, alchemy and childhood and invokes fictional as well as real life dramas. I spent 14 years in New York City, showing my work and curating exhibitions, as well as assisting Jeff Koons and Matthew Barney and being part of a team of sculptors who created a permanent diorama for the American Museum of Natural History, NY, among other projects.
I have found researching local and personal histories and working with communities to be especially rewarding and meaningful work and wish to develop this further.



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