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As an Italian living in Scotland, I am influenced primarily by my cultural heritage and displacement which at the same time somewhat motivates me enough to carry on artistically. I find myself in a state of “suspended balance”, between two worlds in which I have had to adapt myself to change. It reflects on how I relate to my world and with my culture strongly affecting my art.

My personal experience has been the main inspiration for my creativity. Bridging a gap between my background and Scottish culture was hard at first to accept but gradually my new environment opened many avenues and possibilities in coming forward as an artist.

I like to work in 3D making sculptural forms, however, I am also adaptable to new experimentation. I enjoy research, challenging the properties of certain mediums, such as found and man-made objects. The final resolution is a result of everyday research and the selection of materials for their symbolic meanings. Through experimentation, I aim to develop specificity, giving a symbolic meaning to the medium selected.
Interpretations, playing with words, text, linguistic translation, social and cultural differences are now an important part of my work.

I like to challenge the viewer’s perception, building multiple layers of reading and interpretation in my work, and feel satisfaction when I discover an underlying theme or message; deliberate or not. It is like pouring over a cryptic riddle or a puzzle until at last, it falls into place. “Arte Povera” in particular is an inspirational approach that continues to influence my ideas.

However, my artistic approach is often both private and personal. Each new project exists in a state of precarious balance, between the privately experienced and the urge to reach a more wide and universal interpretation. My primary concern in art is therefore about maintaining my personal investigative creative approach while at the same time looking for opportunities for greater communication and sharing of ideas with others. In future my focus will be to develop the possibility of collaborative work and exhibitions.



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