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an installation view of samantha's work.

Samantha Dick is a multi-disciplined art practitioner working and living in Glasgow. The basis of Dick’s practice is their rejection of social expectation. How can one best dismantle the social and psychological constraints placed upon the body by an oppressive society? Through their work, the viewer is encouraged to explore their own sense of normality alongside the artist; challenging gender norms, addressing power relations and conformity, whilst disrupting the rooted idealism of contemporary society. Dick continually draws us back to their interest in the Other and its conflicting relationship with societal normality. How can the Other gain dominance and subsequently, how might we dismantle the dominant?

Dick is also a co-founder of the grassroots arts organisation Where People Sleep; a socially engaged art collective and creative platform based in Glasgow. Using art facilitation, WPS aims to create an accessible space for shared learning with a DIY ethos. Since our founding in 2016, they have programmed and facilitated a variety of exhibitions, workshops and events across Scotland. Through word of mouth and social media, WPS gained recognition and the opportunity for interviews and collaborative projects such as; the Dazed article ‘The parties pushing Glasgow’s club scene forward’, Eventbrite’s ‘Generation DIY’ a 5 part series of short films exploring DIY culture across the UK, and Red Bull’s ‘Amaphiko’ a weekend workshop for social entrepreneurs. They believe that the kinship of art and community engagement can be drivers of social change. WPS acts as an inclusive alternative to the institution to make creativity a possibility for all.

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