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a photograph showing one of Sally's pieces of hand and arms intertwined.

In a visual world, photography can be a great tool to connect with people, places and ideas. Since graduating in Professional Photography (BA) by the University of Abertay/ Edinburgh College I’ve specialised in editorial portraiture, lifestyle and performing arts, while also exploring a range of issues related to identity, body and gender from a documentary perspective.

Thanks to my background in Media and Cultural Events, with a Degree in Advertising and Public Relations (BA Hons) by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, I’m also familiar with a range of creative and editorial projects, having developed a series of projects which combine content creation, copywriting, curatorial practise and visual storytelling.

Currently based between Glasgow and Madrid (Spain), I’m involved on a series of projects that explore representation and social media from a feminist perspective.

Participatory Arts: following the philosophy of PhotoVoice, I’m interested in the use of Participatory Photography as a tool to explore issues related to identity and self-expression. If you belong to a collective interested in hosting a participatory workshop I’d love to hear from you.

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